Open Bids - Administration

The Bid Express Bid Opener utility is used to download bids submitted through the Bid Express system. It downloads the encrypted EBS and EBSX bid files for a proposal, then decrypts and verifies the bid. Then it loads the bids for the proposal to the Bid Express service and uses the information in the bids to create reports and logs of the bid files. When it is finished, the Bid Express service repeats the process for the next proposal.

You can also set proxy settings and EBS and EBSX file options in the Bid Opener utility.

The Open Bids link is available the day of the letting.  You can select it at any time, but the Bid Express Bid Opener function will not launch until the letting time has passed. The Bid Opener utility displays a message saying how much time is left before the bid opening.

If bids have already been opened at your agency, you will see a warning message.

  1. Select Manage Lettings, Proposals and Bids in the Letting and Vendor Data section of the Manage Agency page. This brings you to the Manage Lettings page.

  2. Select the letting date for the letting for which you want to open the bids.

  3. Click Open Bids from the row of commands to open bids for each proposal in the letting.  Select a specific proposal to open bids for that proposal only.  

  4. If you selected a specific proposal, click Open Bids in the upper right corner. The Bid Express service opens the Open Bids for Proposal page.

  5. Click launch open bids.  If this is the first time you've opened bids for this letting, the Bid Express Bid Opener utility opens. If bids have already been opened, you may see a warning message.

  6. Enter your agency key password in the Password field and click open bids.  The Bid Express Bid Opener utility retrieves the bids, sending status updates while it does so.  If the letting time has not yet passed, the Bid Opener utility displays a message telling you how much time is left before the bid opening.

  7. The Status Log will post updates on each bid as it is being processed. This includes information on if the bid is complete and successfully opened.

  8. When all bids have been retrieved, click the link at the end of the page to return to the Manage Lettings (or proposal) page.

From here, you can see the bid file downloads and reports, see the apparent bids, or enter any paper bids.

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