Bid Downloads and Bid Reports - Administration

Once the letting date has passed and you've opened the bids for a letting, the information contained in the bids is put into reports or files for downloading. These reports and files are displayed on the Manage Letting or Manage Proposal pages once the letting date is selected. Click the file name on the Manage Letting or Manage Proposal page to see the details of the downloaded file or the report. Most reports can be downloaded as a PDF file.



Note: These files and reports are created when the Bid Express system uses the Bid Opener utility to download electronic bids. Bids entered manually are not included in these files or reports.

Bid Downloads


This file displays the information as formatted and set up in the load.cfg file. For lettings and proposals.


This file contains the bid tabulations and contains bid data such as letting ID, bidder IDs, line numbers, and bid prices. The output of bid data is used by AASHTOWareTM software.  For lettings and proposals.


This file contains DBE data from the bids submitted for the proposals in the letting. Only for lettings.


This file contains bid bond information for each bidder. It is usually opened using the bondcheck.exe utility that comes with the Expedite software and is used to verify bid bonds by the agency. Only for lettings.


This file contains the proposal information used to create the EBS file.  Only for proposals.

Bid Reports

Bid Download Report

This report contains the bid information for each bidder as set up in the load.cfg file. For both lettings and proposals.

Bid Summary Report

Formerly called the summary, this report displays a summary of the bids for a letting grouped by proposals. The bid summary is a brief report by call order of the bids received showing the who bid and their bid amount. For both lettings and proposals.

Detailed Report

This report displays a summary of the bids for a letting grouped by vendor. It includes a list of vendors that submitted bids for the letting and includes each vendor's information.  For both lettings and proposals.

Vendor Call Order Report

This report displays the vendors and the proposals on which they bid, displayed by bidder ID and the call orders bid.  For lettings only.

Bid Error Report

This report displays any bids errors submitted for the call order after the bids have been opened. If there are no errors with any of the bids, the report will state that as well. For proposals only.

If you have issues opening the Bid Download reports and are using the Bid component of the AASHTOWare Project Bids software, you may need to install the Info Tech XPS Viewer utility.