Bid Express Bid Opener - Administration

The Bid Express Bid Opener utility is used to download bids submitted through the Bid Express system. It downloads the encrypted EBS bid files, then decrypts and verifies the bid. Then it loads the bids to the Bid Express service and uses the information in the bids to create reports and logs of the bid files.

You only need to open your bids once. If you open them more than once, or if you start the Bid Opener when someone else is using it, you may see a warning message.

The Bid Opener utility also manages the agency keys, needed for decrypting the bids. Here you can import keys, create new keys, or export and delete keys. In addition, the Bid Opener utility allows you to set up the folder that will receive the bids, provides an option for printing the bids after they are decrypted, and contains information for proxy settings.

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