Open Bids Warning Messages - Administration

You may see a warning message if you open bids more than once.

Warning:  Bids Already Opened

If you try to open bids and they have already been opened by another member of your agency, you may see the error message that states opening the bids will overwrite the apparent bids or manually-entered bids that have already been entered. It is possible the other member of your agency has started entering the apparent bids.  

Click ok to continue launching the bid opener and deleting the entered apparent bids.  Click cancel to return to Bid Express service.

Apparent Bid Options

If you try to open bids after the apparent bids have already been published, you may see the Apparent Bid Options.  Select the appropriate option to keep or remove the apparent published bids, then click submit.

You can return to the Bid Express service without opening the bids by selecting the X in the upper right corner of the Apparent Bid Options window.

Open Bids Launched by Another User

If you try to open bids at the same time as another user, you will see an error message stating that continuing to launch the Bid Opener utility will terminate the session of the other user.  Click ok to terminate the other user's session and launch the Bid Opener yourself, or click cancel to return to the Open Bids page.

If you do terminate the session of the other user, the user will see an message stating that you have started a new session for the letting.