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The Bid Express Administration pages for your agency are accessible only to accounts that have agency administrator permissions.  

To get to the Administration pages for an agency administrator, click the admin icon in the upper right corner after you log in to the Bid Express service.  The options available depend on what Bid Express services your agency is using.

Not all Bid Express administration accounts have access to all parts of the Bid Express service.  

Agency Administrator

An administrative role for the agency that can perform all agency administrator functions. An agency administrator has the power to create, modify, or delete lettings and proposals, change agency settings, approve or reject Digital IDs for the agency, and answer questions posed by the contractor.  The agency administrator can also upload and remove plan sheets and attachments, upload load.cfg files for Internet bidding, upload bid tabulations, vendors, and plan holders and eligible bidders. Agency administrators are also able to download bids after a letting cutoff time has passed and subsequently publish apparent bids.

Agency User

An agency equivalent of a contractor account. An agency user can view projects and is not charged for features such as account access, the Analysis Suite services, and viewing plan sheets. The agency user does not have access to the agency administration section of the Bid Express service.

Digital ID Approver

Responsible for agency approval or rejection of any Digital IDs created by contractors for that respective agency.  The Digital IDs and paperwork will still need to be approved by the Bid Express support team.

Small Business Network Administrator

Responsible for monitoring, approving and rejecting Bid Express Small Business Network account requests. The Bid Express SBN administrator has access to reports that are unique to the Bid Express Small Business Network service and has the ability to upload attachments to the Bid Express Small Business Network area.  The Bid Express SBN administrator also has access to the Bid Express Small Business Network information in the agency administration section of the Bid Express service.

To create different types of agency accounts, please contact Bid Express customer support.

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