Manage Bid Express Services

You can subscribe to the different services Bid Express has to offer. You can change your subscription options at any time. If you have any questions about Bid Express services or billing, please contact customer support.

Subscription Options

Basic Service

The Bid Express Basic Service allows you to view and download complete and detailed bid information from all agencies using the Bid Express service. The Bid Express service also provides a complete schedule of items for each contract and the eligible bidders and plan holders lists (where available). You also gain free access to the Expedite Bid application that allows you to prepare your bids electronically. With the Expedite Bid software, you enter unit prices and the quantity computations is done for you. The Expedite Bid software has built-in error checking functions that make your bids virtually error-free.

Internet Bidding

When your bid is prepared using the Expedite Bid software, you can use the Bid Express Internet Bidding service to submit it over the internet. Your bid is encrypted, signed by your unique Info Tech Digital ID, and held in a lockbox until the bid opening by the agency. You can withdraw or replace your bid up until the last minute - making it easy to accommodate last minute price changes. The service also conducts online verification of bid bonds through surety agencies. You can obtain a bid bond verification code from your surety agency instead of getting a paper bid bond.

Online Plan Sheet Service

The Online Plan Sheet service gives you access to plan sheets. They can be viewed online, downloaded to your computer, printed in your office to an office printer, or ordered and shipped to you (for an additional fee). With this service, you can:

The Bid Express service keeps a record for the agency of contractors that downloaded or ordered plan sheets. You can see which agencies use the plan sheet service by clicking Plan Sheet Availability on the Services page. This list shows agencies that have uploaded plan sheets in the past six months.

Analysis Suite Service

This service includes the Bid Tab Analysis service and Bid Express Advantage.

   Bid Tab Analysis Service

There are many variables that can affect an item's cost and there is often little time to do research. The Bid Tab Analysis service allows you to view past bid prices and use this information as a guide to help you in pricing.

With the service, you can view historical low, average and high prices for items in a variety of formats, including by proposal, by item and by contractor. You can perform many different analyses quickly and easily access bid tab data from most agencies.  

   Bid Express Advantage

The Bid Express Advantage service allows a user to compare its bid with a competitor's bid. The Bid Express Advantage lets you perform a statistical competitive analysis of your bid against other bidders for a specified letting and down to the item level. You can set and manipulate data parameters such as quantity ranges, locations and dates.

The service allows you to perform specific historical analyses in areas such as historical performance vs. another bidder or bidders by work item or geographical area.

Changing Subscription Options

To change your subscription options:

  1. Click the mybidx button or link from anywhere in the Bid Express service.  The My Bidx page displays.

  2. In the Account Services section, select Bid Express Services.  The Bid Express services goes to the Change Bid Express Services page.  This page shows you the services to which you are subscribed and the ones that are available. For information about what each service is, click the service's name.

  3. Select or clear the check boxes for your services. You must be subscribed to the basic service to use any aspect of the Bid Express service.

  4. Click save.  The Bid Express service displays the Authorize Transaction page.

  5. Verify the service you selected is displayed in the Service Name column and click authorize to charge the amount to the credit card on file.

  6. If you are adding the Online Plan Sheets service, you must reread and accept the Subscriber Agreement and Terms of Use.

  7. After you authorize your credit card or accept the Subscriber Agreement and Terms of Use, the Bid Express service returns you to the My Bidx page.

If you unsubscribe from any of the monthly services, you will be able to continue using the service until the end of the month. This is different than Digital IDs, which become inaccessible immediately after you cancel them.

If you wish to cancel your Bid Express basic service, please click cancel for more information.


When you sign up for any of the Bid Express services, your credit card is immediately charged for the month and then again on the first of each month. If your method of payment is denied, perhaps due to an expired credit card, then your account is put in a grace period.

After the grace period, your account becomes delinquent. You will no longer be able to access any of the Bid Express services or your Digital ID. You can reactivate your account and Digital ID by logging in, updating the services you want, and updating your valid credit card information. You will not be able to use any of the Bid Express services until you authorize payment of any outstanding balances.

If your delinquent account is canceled, you can reactivate it by logging in and updating your services and credit card information. However, you will need to register for a new Digital ID and pay any associated costs.