Advantage Tab

The Bid Express Advantage feature allows you to search for historical and statistical information about item bid prices and compare them to your bids of the same item.  You can also compare your bids to the bids of a specific contractor.

The Advantage feature is part of the Analysis Suite service. You need to have bid on at least one proposal in order to use Advantage unless you are using the View Contractor feature.

If the agency posts bid tabulations to the Bid Express service, the Advantage service provides a statistical competitive analysis of your bid against other bidders for a specified letting, down to the item level.  It allows you to set and change data parameters, such as quantity ranges, locations, and dates, so the service can compare your bid to others and be configured to perform an analysis of the letting and item prices.  The service also allows you to perform specific historical analyses in areas such as historical performance against other contractors by work item, geographical area, and other criteria.

There are several ways to compare bids and contractor information in Advantage:

Select the Advantage option you’d like to use.

Item Comparison

Bid Comparison

Job Profile

View Contractor