Bidding Services

After you register for a Bid Express account or any time after your account is activated, you can subscribe to the different Bid Express services.  

You also enter your billing information on this page, and you can enter challenge questions for if you forget your password.

When all the required information is entered, click submit. If there are no errors in your services and account information, the Bid Express service accepts the changes and goes to the Bid Express home page.

Service Options

There are several service options available.

Basic Service

The Bid Express Basic Service allows you to view and download complete and detailed bid information from all agencies using the Bid Express service. The Bid Express service also provides a complete schedule of items for each contract and the eligible bidders and plan holders lists (where available). You also gain free  access to the Expedite Bid application that allows you to prepare your bids electronically. With the Expedite Bid software, you enter unit prices and the quantity computations is done for you. The Expedite Bid software has built-in error checking functions that make your bids virtually error-free.

Internet Bidding

When your bid is prepared using the Expedite Bid software, you can use the Bid Express Internet Bidding service to submit it over the internet. Your bid is encrypted, signed by your unique digital ID, and held in a lockbox until the bid opening by the agency. You can withdraw or replace your bid up until the last minute - making it easy to accommodate last minute price changes. The service also conducts online verification of bid bonds through surety agencies. You can obtain a bid bond verification code from your surety agency instead of getting a paper bid bond.

Bid Tab Analysis Service

There are many variables that can affect an item's cost and there is often little time to do research. The Bid Tab Analysis service allows you to view past bid prices and use this information as a guide to help you in pricing.

With the service, you can view historical low, average and high prices for items in a variety of formats, including by proposal, by item and by contractor. You can perform many different analyses quickly and easily access bid tab data from most agencies.

Bid Express Advantage Service

Offered only to users of the Bid Tab Analysis service, the Bid Express Advantage service allows a user to compare its bid with a competitor's bid.

Online Plan Sheet Service

The Online Plan Sheet service gives you access to plan sheets. They can be viewed online, downloaded to your computer, printed in your office to an office printer, or ordered and shipped to you (for an additional fee). With this service, you can:

The Bid Express service keeps a record for the agency of contractors that downloaded or ordered plan sheets. You can see which agencies use the plan sheet service by clicking Agencies using Plan Sheets on the Services page. This list shows agencies that have uploaded plan sheets in the past six months.

Billing Information

Enter your billing information in the appropriate fields.  Anything marked with a red asterisk is required.

Enter the credit card to be charged for the selected Bid Express services.

Password Challenge Question

The Challenge Question and Answer is used when you forget your password. Select a question from the drop down list and enter the answer in the Challenge Answer field. If you forget your password and click Forgot your password? on the Bid Express home page, you will need to know the answer to the challenge question in order to get your password reset.