Bid Comparison

You can compare your proposal bid amount to amounts bid by other vendors. The Bid Express Advantage service displays the number of items in the proposal included in the selected date range and the total of your bid, plus the percent and amount differences to the other bids.

Click the advantage tab.  The Bid Express service opens the Bid Express Advantage feature. You must have a valid Digital ID and submitted at least one bid for a proposal in order to use this service.  The Advantage feature is part of the Analysis Suite service.

Because you can have different bidder IDs associated with your account, use the Select Bidder ID field to choose the ID that you wish to use to compare bids. 

  1. Select bid comparison.

  2. Select your bidder ID.

  3. Enter the date range.

  4. Click search.

The Bid Express Advantage service displays a list of the proposals within the date range upon which you bid, including your ranking in the bids and the proposal descriptions.

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