Proposal Details on the Lettings Tab

The Proposal page displays more detailed information about a proposal than is displayed on the list of lettings, including the item numbers and descriptions of the items.  A Proposal page also contains several links that allow you to view online reports such as the specific Expedite information for the proposal or the Plan Holders/Eligible Bidders list (if available).  These online reports are proposal-specific and some are determined by the agency.

Follow these instructions to see the proposal details on the lettings tab:

  1. Click the lettings tab if you are not already there.

  2. Select the Letting Date of the proposal.

  3. Select the proposal.

The Bid Express service displays the proposal information, such as the number of items and sections, and how many amendments to the proposal there are.  It also displays the item list for the proposal, with the quantities and units for each item and a price, if applicable.  Items are not visible if you are not logged in to the Bid Express service. You can move from one proposal to the next using the arrow keys on either side of the proposal number.

If you are an administrator, you can click the Manage This Proposal link to access the Manage Proposal page.

There is additional proposal information in the Also Available and Downloads sections.

Withdrawn and Postponed

If the agency withdraws a proposal, a notice appears in the proposal information stating it has been withdrawn.  If it has been postponed, the new letting date displays as well. Proposals can be withdrawn at any time, including after the letting deadline.