Each letting and proposal has files available for download.  This page differs between each agency and contract ID.

EBS, EBLIB, EBSX, All EBSX Files, and Amendment Files

The .ebs, .ebsx, and amendment files contain the letting or proposal information for use in the Expedite Bid software or Bid component of the AASHTOWare Project Bids software. Downloading the files from the Lettings page will download all the .ebs, .ebsx, and amendment files for every proposal in the letting.  Downloading the files from the proposal page downloads only the files for the proposal.

Select the .ebs, .ebsx, or amendment files to download.  Open or save the file.

EBLIB files and All EBSX Files contain multiple electronic proposal and amendment files in a single file.  You can download these files all at once. The EBSX files download as a .zip file, and must be saved before it can be opened in the Bid component.

Your agency can choose to allow you to withdraw a bid for a call order if you are the apparent low bidder for a previous call order in the letting. For more information about the auto-withdrawal feature or using .ebs, .ebsx, and amendment files, please see the Expedite or Bid component online Help.  If you use the auto-withdrawal feature, your name will appear on a list of withdrawn bids on the Apparent Bids page after the letting.

Export Bid Tabs

You can export a letting's bid tab information once the letting date has passed and the bids opened. Bid tabs show the deviation in price between those who bid on the letting.

You can export the bid tabs in either a comma separated or tab separated file by selecting the desired option on the Lettings page. Open or save the file.

 Other Downloads

The agency has the ability to post more files for you to see.  These can include notice to contractors, award announcements, DBE directories, or anything else the agency wants  you to have.

Select the file you want from the Downloads section.  Open or save the file.