Apparent Bids

Apparent Bids show the bids that have been entered for the proposal. The results display the apparent low bidder, DBE percentage (if the agency is using this option), and bid amount, but the bids still need to be confirmed before the contract is awarded.  You can view this list for a single proposal or for all the proposals in a letting at the same time.  Bids marked as non-responsive display at the bottom of the list and show the reason. Any bid that has been automatically withdrawn also displays at the bottom of the list. If the apparent bids aren't visible, it is possible the agency decided not to post them.

The agency has an option of using your bidder name from your Digital ID or your bidder name from the vendor table. If your bidder name in the apparent bids list doesn't match what you entered for your Digital ID, it is because of this option.

If you are an administrator, you can click the Manage Apparent Bids link to access the Apparent Bid Entry page for the proposal.

Click on a bidder's name to see that bidder's information. If you are viewing all the proposals in a letting, click the proposal number to see the proposal details.

You can also download the apparent bids in either .csv (comma-separated value) format or .tsv (tab-separated value) format.  Click the appropriate Export option at the top of the list.  

Once you are finished viewing the apparent bids, click the letting date or proposal date in the navigation trail at the top left of the page to return to the letting or proposal details.