List of Proposals on the Lettings Tab

Once you select the letting date on the lettings tab, the Bid Express service displays the deadlines for the letting and a list of the proposals for that date.  Select a proposal to see the proposal details.

Cut-Off Time and Opening Date/Time

The letting cut-off time and the time and date when bids are scheduled to be opened are posted on the Letting page. If the cut-off time and the time and date the bids are to be opened are the same, you will see only the cut-off time. Otherwise, you may see different times and dates displayed for the Cut-Off Time field and the Opening Time or Opening Date fields.

The agency has the ability to change these times, but not the date. You can sign up for agency notifications to get a message if changes have been made.


Once a letting deadline is less than 90 days away, a countdown starts in the upper right corner of the proposal page. This is the official time of the letting. When the letting is less than 24 hours away, you will see the hours, minutes, and seconds of the time remaining. You must refresh your browser to see the current time.

When the deadline has passed, the Bid Express service displays a message saying the letting has ended.

Also Available

The Also Available sections have a variety of files available for lettings and proposals, including apparent bids (if the bid deadline has already passed) and plan holders.  For more information about the Also Available section, click here.


Download all the .ebs or .ebsx files for the letting by clicking the link in the Downloads section. If there is no file link available, your agency may not have posted them as part of the letting.  Contact your agency for more information.