My Message Center

The Bid Express Message Center contains messages sent by the Bid Express service for Digital ID processing and billing. You can subscribe to receive additional messages from specific agencies for when an agency has taken a specific action, such as adding or withdrawing a letting or proposal. You can also opt to receive notification of these messages to the email address associated with your company's subscription. Agency administrators can see who is subscribed to receive messages for their agency.   

Message Center information for agencies can be found here.

If you are using an agency-sponsored Bid Express Small Business Network account, you are automatically subscribed to receive message sent by the agency to its sponsored contractors.

Messages are sent to your Message Center inbox. From there, you can move them to different mailboxes.

To get to My Message Center, click the Messages icon in the upper right corner of the Bid Express web page. From there, you can file and sort your messages.  Click the Manage Messages link to add, clear, or view your notification subscriptions for a specific agency.

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