View Contractor

The Advantage feature lets you search for the bids a specific contractor in a specified time frame.

Click the advantage tab.  The Bid Express service opens the Bid Express Advantage feature. The Advantage feature is part of the Analysis Suite service.

  1. Click on the view contractor icon.

  2. Enter the contractor in the Select Contractor field.

  3. Select the date range.

  4. Click search.

The Bid Express Advantage service displays the contractor and its bids for the specified date range, including its rank among the other bidders and the bid total.

You can sort the list by each column by clicking on the column heading.

Advantage will not show your bid among the bid comparison results, though it is represented in the rankings. You do not have to have bid on the proposal in order to view the comparison details.

If you want to see your bid among the comparison details, use the Bid Comparison search .

Click the bid row or the green arrow to see the contractor’s results compared to the other contractors who bid on that proposal.

The Bid Express Advantage service displays the selected contractor and the letting and proposal information.

The graph shows the contractors who also bid on the proposal and the percentage difference of their bids compared to the chosen contractor’s bid. Advantage does not display your bid results. The contractor is represented by a diamond and the other contractors are represented by a circle.

When you are finished, click Advantage in the navigation trail to return to the Bid Express Advantage page.