Job Profile

The Job Profile displays contractors who had the low bid for majority of the proposals on which you bid during a specified time frame. The Bid Express service displays the completed jobs and the works in progress for those proposals in the selected time frame in the state agency you selected when you first logged in.

If you have a saved list, the Job Profile instead displays the results of the list.

Click the advantage tab.  The Bid Express service opens the Bid Express Advantage feature. You must have a valid Digital ID and submitted at least one bid for a proposal in order to use this service.  The Advantage feature is part of the Analysis Suite service.

  1. Click on the job profile icon.

  2. Choose your bidder ID from the Select Bidder ID field and enter the time frame you wish to search.

  3. Click search.

The Bid Express service displays a list of contractors who have submitted low bids in that area during the selected time frame and pins the locations of the three vendors who had the most low bids.

You can filter the list to show select contractors in a variety of ways:

Click a pin to show the job details, including the bid total for the project. Click the X in the details to close the detail window.

Use the Save List link to save a set list of contractors.