Job Profile Save List

You can configure the Job Profile to display only certain vendors. If you have a saved list, you will see only the contractors you selected, regardless of if those contractors have any works in progress in the specified date range.

  1. If the contractor isn’t already visible in the list, enter the contractor’s name in the Search for a contractor field. Select the contractor from the list that displays. You may see a message that the selected contractor does not have any bids for the specified time frame.Click ok.

  2. Repeat the step until all contractors that you want to see are listed.

  3. Click the X for any contractor you do not wish displayed.

  4. Click Save List.

The Bid Express service saves your custom list. The next time you use the Job Profile page, you will see only your saved contractors.

To clear your saved list, click the X for all the contractors in your list and click Save List. The Bid Express service clears your list and displays the contractors who won projects in the selected time frame.

Depending on the number of jobs won in the area, the list may take some time to display.