Plan Sheets

Plan sheets are the drawn-out detailed prints of a proposal. You can view posted plan sheets to better aid your estimation. Not all agencies post plan sheets, and you must be signed up for the online plan sheet service in order to access them. You can access a list of agencies who have used online plan sheets in the past six months on the Manage Bid Express Services page. You can also set your Bid Express messages to notify you when plan sheets are posted.

Access the plan sheets through the Also Available section for a proposal. The link displays the number of plan sheets. If a zero is displayed, there are no plan sheets.

If the proposal has plan sheets, you will see thumbnail sketches of each one on the Plan Sheets page. You can view the plan sheets, download them, or order them to be shipped to you. When you are finished with the plan sheets, click the proposal number in the navigation trail to return to the proposal detail page.

The Bid Express service keeps a record for the agency of contractors that downloaded or ordered plan sheets.  

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