Cancel My Bid Express Account

When you cancel your account, you immediately lose access to the account, Digital IDs, your messages, and any additional features associated with the account.  

There are several steps you must take when you cancel your Bid Express Account.

  1. Click the mybidx button or link from anywhere in the Bid Express service.  The My Bidx page displays.

  2. In the Account Services section, select Cancel My Bid Express Account. A warning window displays explaining that your account and all associated Digital IDs will be disabled.

  3. Click ok in warning window to cancel the account or click cancel to return to the My Bidx page.

The Bid Express service sends an email to you with the cancellation notice. You are still responsible for any outstanding payment.

After you successfully cancel your account, the Bid Express service returns to the Log In page.

Your canceled account can be reactivated.