Bid Tab Analysis Tab

The Bid Tab Analysis Search is used to find historical statistical information about item bid prices, including the average, high, and low bid item prices, over a specified period of time. Access the Bid Tab Analysis Search by clicking on the BID TAB ANALYSIS tab.


Note:  Currently, the average/high/low prices that show up in the bid tab analysis search may include multiple units.  If that is the case, the prices are invalid.  This is a rare occurrence and generally only happens with prices of items that are more than two years old.  Bid Express administration is working to solve this issue.

You must be subscribed to the Analysis Suite service in order to use bid analysis.

There are different ways for which to search for an item for analysis:

Type of Search

Search Criteria

Expected Result


Item Number

A list of items and the proposals in which the item appears.

Smart Item Search

Select the check box

Used with the Item Number field.  Returns items where either part of the item number begins with the entered criteria. For example, if you enter 150, the Smart Item Search will return 150-2000 and 200-1500, but not 200-0150.


Item Description

A list of items that match the description and the proposals containing the items.

Proposal Items


A list of items that appear in the entered proposal, plus every proposal in which those items appear.



A list of items from proposals that are located in the specified county.



A list of items that use this unit plus the proposals in which the item appears.

Low Bidders

A number

A list of items and the proposals in which they appear for the number of bidders specified.

Using more than one field limits the return to those fields.  For example, if you enter an item number and proposal ID, you will get only the items for that ID, not for every proposal in which the item appears.

You can export the search results as a comma-separated value (csv) file or a tab-separated value (tab) file.

To use the Bid Tab Analysis:

  1. Click the bid tab analysis tab. The Bid Express service brings you to the Bid Tab Analysis Search page.

  2. Enter your search criteria in the available fields. Separate all values within one field with a comma.

  3. Select any date, quantity, or price ranges.

  4. When you are finished, click search.

The Bid Express service searches all bids for the search criteria and displays it in a list. If an item has both metric and English units of measure, you will see separate lines for each unit.

To see the details, click the bid count for the item.  The Bid Express service takes you to the Item Bid History page and displays the details of all the bids.

Export the search results by clicking Export (csv) or Export (tab).  Open or save the file.

Clear your search criteria to start a new search by clicking clear.