Item Bid History

The Item Bid History page shows the details of an item when using the Bid Tab Analysis search.  Once the search criteria is entered, the Bid Express service searches all proposals and displays the results. Items that have both metric and English units of measure will have separate histories for each unit. When you select an item to view, you will see the item bid history details.

The Item Bid History page lists all proposals that contain the search criteria and the low bidders of the proposal.  In addition, it also displays the search parameters and all the bidders who are listed on the page.

You can view the bids of specific bidders by selecting on their check boxes in the Bidders section of the page. To clear all the bidders, select None.  To see all the bidders, select All.

When you are finished with this page, click Bid Tab Analysis Search in the navigation trail to return to the Bid Tab Analysis page.