Lettings Tab

The lettings tab displays a list of every letting since the Bid Express service has been active for the agency, grouped together by year.  Click the plus sign next to a year to see all the letting dates for that year.  Click the minus sign to only show the year.  This tab also shows the agency's time in the upper right corner.  You must refresh your browser to keep this time accurate.

Access the lettings tab by selecting the agency from the Select an Agency or Select a Province drop down list on the Bid Express home page and clicking go.  This brings you to the agency home page.  Select the lettings tab.

The list of lettings also provides the letting description (if there is one) and the number of proposals in each letting. Click a letting date to see the letting details and the proposals for the letting.

There you can move from one letting to the next using the arrow keys on either side of the letting date.

If you are an administrator, you can click the Manage Lettings link to access the Manage Lettings page.

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