Send Message to Contractors - Administration

You can send custom, non-automated messages to your subscribers. This message is sent to all contractors who have subscribed to receive message notifications from your agency.

Follow these instructions to send a message:

  1. Select Send Message to Contractors from the Accounts and Subscribers section of the Manage Agency page or select the Message icon from any page in the Bid Express service. The Bid Express service goes to the Send Custom Message page and displays the subject and body text boxes for the message.

  2. Enter the message subject in the Subject text box.  

  3. Enter your message in the Body text box.

  4. When you are finished entering your message information, click send.  Click cancel to return to the Manage Agency page without sending the message.

Once you click send, your message is sent to all subscribers. The Bid Express service returns you to the Manage Agency page and displays the number of subscribers who will receive your message.  

You can see all of your sent message in the Sent Messages mailbox of the message center.