AASHTOWare Project Bids Files - Administration

You can add proposal files to your letting, or create a letting as you upload proposal files. You can add proposal files at various times when creating the letting. You can also load amendment files and postponements.

You cannot create a letting with this method if your agency has selected the option to use districts.

There are several ways to access the Upload Project Bids File page:

Once you are on the Upload Project Bids File page, follow these instructions to upload proposals or amendments for a letting:

  1. Click browse.

  2. Navigate to and select the proposal file, amendment files, or other Project Bids file.

  3. Click open.

  4. If you wish to create a new letting for a proposal, select the Create Letting? check box.

  5. Click upload.

The Bid Express service uploads the file and either creates a new letting or adds it to a letting or proposal, and displays a Successfully Loaded message that includes when your letting will be made visible to contractors.

Click the link labeled here to edit the visible date for an uploaded letting if the letting was just created. Click the Letting link to view the letting or click the Proposal link to view the proposal.