Lettings Agency Settings - Administration

Access this page by selecting Manage Agency Settings from the Agency section of the Manage Agency page.  You can decide on default letting times, default times for making the letting visible, and the use of districts for your lettings.


Default Letting Time Click in the Default Letting Time field to display a timer. Select the default letting time. This time appears in the Letting Date field when you create a new letting but can be edited to change the time. This field is required.
Make Letting  Visible On Default Time Click in the Make Letting Visible On Default Time field to display a timer. Enter a time for when the letting will be visible to contractors for when you create a new letting. The time appears along with the current date in the Make Letting Visible On field but can be edited. This field is required.
Agency Districts If your agency uses districts, select the option to Enable the use of districts field. When you create your letting, a District ID field will be available for you to enter the district.
You cannot create a letting using the Expedite Files feature if your agency uses districts. EBS files do not contain a District field and there is no way to enter this information after the letting is created. This field is optional.

When you are finished updating your options, click save.