Postpone - Administration

You can postpone the date and time a bid is due. The way you postpone the bid depends on how the EBS file is named and if you are using the Bid Express service with the Appia software.  

If you are using the Bid Express service with the Appia software, postpone the letting through the Appia software. Please read the Appia online help for more information.

If you are using the Letting Date as the naming convention (for example, 06Jun001), you have to create a new EBS or EBSX file with the new letting date and time. Withdraw the proposal in the old letting and post the new file to a new letting.  


Note:   If you use the amendment proposal file to create the letting, it will use the letting time in the amendment file instead of your normal settings. You may wish to already have the new letting created in order to keep your normal settings.

If you are not using the letting date as the naming convention, create an amendment file with future new letting date, time and letting ID. Create the new letting and post the amendment file to the Bid Express service by using the Expedite Files or Project Bids Files upload functionality on the Manage Agency page. You can also use the Expedite Files or Project Bids upload functionality for other proposal postponements in the same letting.