Custom Fields Agency Settings - Administration

Access this page by selecting Manage Agency Settings from the Agency section of the Manage Agency page.

Select the option to enable custom fields if you wish to add text fields for apparent bids or bidder eligibility. You can have up to three custom fields for each one. Select the options you wish to use.


Custom Fields for Apparent Bids

This feature allows you to add custom fields to the apparent bid entries.

Custom Fields for Request Bidder Eligibility

This feature allows you to add custom fields to vendor requests for bidder eligibility.

If you select the option to enable these fields, the Bid Express service displays text fields for you to enter the custom field names.  Enter the custom field names in the available text boxes.

When you are finished updating your options, click save.

Once saved, these fields will be immediately visible on all proposals.  They are also included in any proposal export.  Changes made to these fields affect every apparent bid or request for eligibility in the Bid Express system.

No record is kept of previous field names.