Eligible Bidder Requests - Administration

You can see number of subscriber requests for bidding eligibility for a proposal and export the list of requests and bidder information through the Manage Lettings page. You can specify a date range for which you want to see bidder requests. 

  1. Select Manage Lettings, Proposals and Bids in the Letting and Vendor Data section of the Manage Agency page. This brings you to the Manage Lettings page.

  2. Select the letting date.

  3. Click Eligible Bidder Requests from the row of commands to get to the Eligible Bidder Requests page.

  4. Enter the date range for which you want to see the requests in the From and To fields. To see all the requests, leave this fields blank.

  5. Click show. The Bid Express service displays the proposals in the letting and includes the number of requests per proposal.

  6. Click the Export (csv) or Export (tab) links at the top of the table to export requests entire letting, or click an export link in a proposal's row to export requests for the proposal.

  7. Open or save the file.

The request for eligibility is not related to the eligible bidders list or the bid submission process. It is for the agency to get an export of bidders who request eligibility to bid.