Contract Documents

If you are the awarded bidder for a contract, the Bid Express service sends a message to your Bid Express inbox with a notification of the award.  The message is not a formal notice of the award, but it does give you access to the contract documents (if the agency uses this feature).

You can access the contract documents through the notification message in your message center or though the link on the proposal page. The link is available only if you are the awarded bidder.

To see the contract documents:

  1. Click the lettings tab if you are not already there.

  2. Select the Letting Date of the proposal.

  3. Select the proposal.

  4. Click Contract Documents in the Also Available section.  

The Bid Express service opens the Contracts Documents page where you can acknowledge receipt of the documents and download the documents.

Click the following topic for more information:

Acknowledge Contract Documents

Revoked Award