Add Proposals to a Letting - Administration

You can add proposal EBS or EBSX files to your letting once the letting is created.  You can also create a letting when you add EBS or EBSX files. You can zip proposal files to upload more than one at a time.


Caution:  If you delete a proposal and then post a different proposal with the same name, a bidder who has the original .EBS or .EBSX files from the first proposal can submit a bid with the incorrect file. The Bid Express system will warn you if this happens.

To fix this, rename the new proposal being added.

If you choose not to rename the file, please ensure any contractor bidding on the proposal has the newest proposal file.

Follow these instructions to add a proposal to an existing letting or to create a letting while adding a proposal:

  1. Click Upload Expedite Files from the Expedite section or click Upload AASHTOWare Project Bids Files from the AASHTOWare Project Bids section of the Manage Agency page.  The Bid Express service takes you to the Upload File page.

  2. Click browse.  Navigate to and select the EBS or EBSX file.

  3. Click open.

  4. If you are creating a new letting, select the Create Letting? check box.

  5. Click upload.

You will see a EBS or EBSX File Successfully Loaded message. You can click the letting date to go to the Manage Letting page or click the proposal date to go to the Manage Proposal page. The Bid Express service will tell you if you try to load a proposal that already exists.

When you are finished, click Manage Agency in the navigation trail. For more information about proposals, please see the Manage Proposals - Administration section.