Sub-quote Requests

The Bid Express Small Business Network lists the sub-quote requests, and includes links to the letting and proposal on which the request is based.  The request also displays its expiration date and the name of the company that submitted the request.

Click Reply to create a response. Once a response has been started, the Reply option changes to Edit Draft or View Reply. When the prime contractor response, the options change to Create Reply and View Reply. The date of the prime contractor's response is also displayed.

Use the links located above the sub-quote request to switch between viewing all sub-quotes or sub-quotes that contain your selected work type. Sub-quotes that have expired or ones to which you have not responded and have been withdrawn will not display. You can select work types from the agency and will be notified when a sub-quote request is submitted that contains that work type. Click Hide for a sub-quote request you no longer wish to see on the page, and click View Hidden to see all hidden requests. You cannot reply to hidden sub-quote requests. Click Show for a hidden sub-quote to make it visible again.

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Download a Sub-quote Request

View Published Sub-quote Requests

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