SBN Manage Preferences

You can set your Bid Express SBN preferences through the My Bidx page.  This includes setting your work types or declaring if you are a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE).

If you have an SBN account through your agency, the status of the approval and the account expiration date appear on the Manage SBN Work Types page.

To manage your SBN preferences:

  1. Click the mybidx button or link from anywhere in the Bid Express service.  The My Bidx page displays.

  2. Click Manage Preferences.  The Bid Express service opens the Manage SBN Preferences page.

  3. In the DBE section, select the check box if you are a disadvantaged business enterprise.

  4. Click Manage SBN Work Types in the SBN Work Types section.  The Bid Express system opens the work types list.

  5. The work types on this list were created by the agency with which you have your Bid Express account.  Use the drop down list to select another agency if necessary.

  6. Select the check boxes for the types of work your company performs.  Clear any check boxes for work types that you no longer want.

  7. Click save. The Bid Express service returns you to the Manage SBN Preferences page. When requests are created that match your work types, the Bid Express service will send you an email with this information.

  8. Click save again to return to the My Bidx page.

After you save your preferences, you will receive an email notification if a prime contractor creates a sub-quote request with any of the work types you selected. You cannot turn off this notification.