Respond to an Unsolicited Sub-quote

Subcontractors may create a sub-quote for items you have not requested. When they select you as a contractor for these quotes, the Bid Express service sends you an email notifying you that you have a message from the Bid Express Small Business Network and the quote displays in the Unsolicited Sub-quotes section of the SBN prime contractor view.

To respond to an unsolicited sub-quote:

  1. Access the Prime Contractor View on the Small Business Network tab if you are not already there.

  2. Select Respond for the unsolicited sub-quote. The Bid Express service opens the Send Message Response window.

  3. Enter your response in the Body field.

  4. When you are finished, click send. You cannot change the response once it has been sent.

The Bid Express Small Business Network sends the message to the subcontractor and includes the message in your Sent mailbox in the message center, then returns you to the Prime Contractor View. In addition, the Respond link changes to View Response.