Questions and Answers

Agencies have the option of using the Questions and Answers feature. If your agency uses this feature, a Questions and Answers link will display in the Also Available section of the lettings and proposal pages.

The agency can make your questions and answers public or choose to keep them private. The agency has the ability to edit your question.  It does this if it receives similar questions and wants to combine the answers. You can export the questions and answers into your own file.

Questions are assigned a number based upon when it is received by the agency.


On the Question and Answers page for a letting, you can search through the questions for any proposal in the letting. You can see only your questions and questions that the agency has made public.

Questions may display a status of Not Answered or the date when the question was answered. There is no indication if your question is public.


On the Questions and Answers page for a proposal, you have the opportunity to submit a question to the agency and read through questions for that proposal that have been made public. You cannot ask a question of a proposal whose deadline has passed.  The agency can choose not to answer the question and can decide which questions it makes public.

Select Questions and Answers in the Also Available section for a proposal.  The Bid Express service goes to the Questions for Proposal page.

If you’ve already submitted a question, it will appear on this page. Questions are given numbers when they are asked. If you do not see a number in a list (for example, you see questions 1 and 3 but not 2), that question may have been privately answered or not answered yet.

You have the option of asking a question or searching previously-asked questions about the proposal.  


The Answered column on the Question for Proposal and Search Questions pages can display one of two status: Not Answered or a date and time.

Not Answered means the question has not yet been answered by the agency.

A date and time signifies when the question was answered by the agency. However, when you view the question, it might not have an answer and instead say Answer Pending.  This means the agency is researching the question.

You will receive an email when the question has been answered.