Ask a Question

If your agency uses this feature, a Questions and Answers link will display in the Also Available section of the lettings and proposal page.  

  1. Select Submit a Question from the upper right corner of the proposal page.  The Bid Express service goes to the Ask a New Question page.

  2. Verify your company and contact information. Only the agency can see this information.

  3. Enter your question's subject in the Subject field.

  4. Ask your question in the Question field.

  5. Click ASK.  The Bid Express service displays your question on the Question page and sends notification about the question to the agency.

  6. Click the proposal in the navigation trail to return to the proposal page.

The Bid Express service assigns a number to the question based upon when it is received by the agency. If you submit three questions, they may not be numbered 1, 2, and 3, depending on if other contractors have asked questions about that proposal.