Plan Sheet Activity - Administration

The Plan Sheets Activity page lists the contractors and organization information for bidders who have downloaded the plan sheets for a proposal.  The activities are accounted for in the Activity Count column.

  1. Select Manage Lettings, Proposals and Bids in the Letting and Vendor Data section of the Manage Agency page. This brings you to the Manage Lettings page.

  2. Select the letting date for the proposal whose plan sheet activity you wish to view.

  3. Click Plan Sheet Activity.  The Bid Express service goes to the Plan Sheet Activity page for the letting.

  4. Click the plus sign for the proposal to see its plan sheet activity, including the name of the contractor that downloaded the plan sheets and the date and time of the download.  

Regardless of how many times a contractors downloaded plan sheets, its name is listed only once. In addition, agency downloads are not tracked.

You can also download the plan sheet activities by clicking the appropriate download option – CSV, Tab, or for AASHTOWare Project.