Manage Messages and Notifications - Administration

As a Bid Express administrator, you have the option of deciding which administrative messages you wish to receive.  You can also sign up to receive user notifications to see the same emails and messages that the contractor receives.

The Small Business Network administrator automatically receives a message when a contractor requests a Bid Express SBN account and when a contractor cancels a sponsored account. If you are not Bid Express SBN administrator, you can still sign up to receive these messages under the Administrator Notifications.

You can select to receive an email notification about the message or just the message itself.

  1. Click the Messages icon in the upper right corner of the Bid Express page.

  2. Click Manage Messages and Notifications.

  3. In the Admin Notifications section, select the types of administrative messages you wish to receive. You can leave this section blank.

  4. In the User Notification section, select the types user notifications you wish to receive.  You can leave this section blank.

  5. Click save when you are finished.

After you click save, the Bid Express service takes you to the View Messages and Notifications page where you can see to what notifications you are subscribed.