Manage Advantage Preferences

If you are subscribed to the Analysis Suite service, you can set the default for the date range for the Advantage feature. The time frame or date entered on the Manage Advantage Preferences page determines the default Start Date on the Bid Express Advantage comparison pages.

You will not see this option if you are not subscribed to the feature.

  1. Click the mybidx button or link from anywhere in the Bid Express service.  The My Bidx page displays.

  2. In the Account Services section, select Manage Advantage Preferences.  The Bid Express services goes to the Manage Advantage Preferences page.

  3. If you want the bid data to use the same start date each time, enter that date in the Fixed Start Date field.

  4. If you want the bid data to use a date that is a set time frame before today's date, enter the time frame in the Year, Month, and Day fields.

  5. Click save to return to the My Bidx page when your preferences are selected.