Features Agency Settings - Administration

Access this page by selecting Manage Agency Settings from the Agency section of the Manage Agency page. Select the optional features you wish your agency to use.


Questions and Answers

The Questions and Answers feature allows bidders the chance to post questions about a specific proposal and gives the agency administration a place to answer them, publish the response, or delete the question.
When you enable Questions and Answers, the link to the feature displays on the Manage Agency page. Select Manage Questions and Answers on the Manage Agency page to set the feature options.

Contract Documents

The Contract Documents feature allows agencies to upload documents for a specific proposal for the contractor who wins the award.  Only the awarded contractor can see and download these documents. If you are using the Doc Express service, you can also send the documents to a Doc Express contract.
When you enable the Contract Documents feature, proposals will have a Contract Documents link.  Click the link to upload the documents.

When you are finished updating your options, click save.