Delete Proposal - Administration

Once you create a letting, you can add proposal files to that letting. Once the proposal is added, it can be deleted provided it is not yet past the letting date and time or if it has not been postponed.


Caution:  If you delete a proposal and then post a different proposal with the same name, a bidder who has the original .EBS or .EBSX  files from the first proposal can submit a bid with the incorrect file.

  1. Select Manage Lettings, Proposals and Bids from the Letting and Vendor Data section of the Manage Agency page.

  2. Select the letting to which the proposal belongs.

  3. Click the X in the Delete column for the proposal you wish to delete. You can also click Delete All to delete all the proposals in the letting. If you do not see the X or the Delete All option, then your proposal is past the letting date.

  4. Click ok in the Delete Confirmation window or click cancel to return to the Manage Lettings page for the proposal.

  5. If you click ok, the Bid Express service deletes the proposal and returns you to the Manage Lettings page for the proposal.