Alerts - Administration

If you wish to add an alert to a proposal, use the Manage Alert function. Once saved, the alert appears when the user selects the proposal from the letting. The Bid Express service only publishes what is entered in the text box. If you wish for a previous alert to remain on the proposal page, you must keep it in the Alerts text box.  

  1. Select Manage Lettings, Proposals and Bids from the Letting and Vendor Data section of the Manage Agency page if you are not already there.

  2. Select the letting to which the proposal belongs.

  3. Select the proposal for which you'd like the alert.

  4. Select Alert in the upper right corner. The Bid Express service goes to the Alert page and displays the Alerts text box.

  5. The Bid Express service automatically adds the date and time to the text box. You can edit or delete the time stamp if desired. Note that the alert appears on your page immediately after you publish it, even if you set the timestamps to a later time.

  6. Enter your message in the text box. You can use the format buttons at the top of the text window to format your text, including the size of the text and the color. Rest your mouse on a button to see what the button does.  The HTML button at the start of the row allows you to edit your message in an HTML editor.

  7. Click preview when you are finished to see how the message will look to other Bid Express users. Click the X in the upper right corner of the preview window to close the preview.

  8. If you are satisfied, click publish. If not, continue to update your message.

Once you click publish, your message appears on the proposal's manage information page and the Bid Express service returns you to the Manage Proposal page.

If you do not wish to publish your alert, click cancel.  The Bid Express service reverts the alert back to how it appeared before you selected to change it.