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This feature is included with any paid subscription plan.
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Question asked regarding 20221213030

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Letting ID: 20221213 Call Order: 030
Number: 2

Pulverize Questions

With the unknown varied sections of pavement thicknesses that will be required to pulverize, will split lifting be required for compaction?

In past projects, pulverized material that was hauled offsite was paid for under ‘excess pulverized material’ item. Could this item be added to this project?

Asked at 11/28/2022 04:59:30 PM

Region reviewed and discussed with BPD construction. We are comfortable with the spec as written which leaves flexibility with the contractor. They could waste some material in shoulder, if they choose, which would benefit the region or choose to haul.

Answered at 12/01/2022 02:41:48 PM


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