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Letting of May 20, 2022

Letting information table
Special Letting
Letting ID: 20220520
Cut-Off Time: 10:00:59 AM CST

Proposal table
Proposal Call Order Project ID Items Amendments Counties
(8 Active Proposals)
The resurfacing on I-24 from east of Epps Mill Road (L.M. 26.55) in Rutherford County through Bedford County to the Coffee County line (L.M. 0.45)
CNW240 002 N/A 27 0 CHEATHAM
The resurfacing on I-40 from the Williamson County line (L.M. 0.00) to the Davidson County line (L.M. 7.15).
CNW242 003 N/A 25 0 DAVIDSON
The resurfacing on I-40 from U.S. 70S (S.R. 1) (L.M. 4.71) to near U.S. 70 (S.R. 24, Charlotte Pike) (L.M. 9.61).
CNW241 004 N/A 36 1 DAVIDSON
The resurfacing on S.R. 155 (Briley Parkway) from the McGavock Pike ramp (L.M. 12.15) to the bridge over I-65 (L.M. 15.17) including S.R. 6 (Briley Parkway) from Ellington Pkwy (L.M. 15.49) to Gallatin Pike (L.M. 16.49).
CNW244 005 NA 29 0 MAURY
The resurfacing on I-65 from the Marshall County line (L.M. 0.00) to S.R. 99 (L.M. 10.50).
CNW248 006 N/A 28 0 ROBERTSON
The resurfacing on I-65 from the Sumner County line (L.M. 0.00) to the bridge over Honey Run Creek (L.M. 7.47).
CNW243 007 N/A 32 1 RUTHERFORD
The resurfacing on I-24 from near Medical Center Parkway (L.M. 13.60) to the Stones River (L.M. 15.52).
CNW246 008 N/A 45 2 SMITH WILSON
The resurfacing on I-40 from east of I-840 (L.M. 12.93) in Wilson County to east of S.R. 53 (L.M. 8.60) in Smith County.


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