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The Construction Contracting Letting - Bid Opening Webcasts will begin at 11:00 AM, effective November 19, 2020

Welcome to the New York State

Department of Transportation Home Page!

NOTE: The Department's Civil Rights reporting software is EBO (the Equitable Business Opportunity Solution). To be in compliance with the contract requirements for NYS Civil Rights reporting,  it is recommended that all Bidders and subcontractors have an active EBO account.  Vendors/Sponsors can access an EBO application as well as Login & Password information using the following Link:

Additionally, effective January 1, 2020 for Federal Aid projects, bidders are required to submit DBE Commitments with their bids.

Postponed Contracts:

NYSDOT now has the ability to handle postponements with a Project Bids amendment file. This saves the contactor from having to manually enter data into the new .ebsx file. Contactors will simply need to download the amendment file.

Interested in Bidding Electronically in New York State?

  • Create a Digital ID with Bid Express for the AASHTOWare Project Bids Bid component. (NYSDOT has upgraded from Expedite to AASHTOWare Project Bids effective with the January 19, 2017 Letting.)

  • Submit a request to bid with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).

  • Companies with an approved NYS Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire For-Profit Construction, CCA-2 form, already on file with NYSDOT can immediately proceed with the Digital ID process. (These firms are already in the NYSDOT Vendor Table.)

  • To apply for a Digital ID without an approved NYS Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire For-Profit Construction, CCA-2 form ( ) on file with NYSDOT must submit, on company letterhead, this form . After it is reviewed for completeness, and approved, a new Vendor table will be uploaded to Bid Express. You will then be notified to complete the Digital ID Process.

  • All companies are required to be registered with the NYS Department of State ( ) before they can do business in New York State. This registration must be completed before the CCA-2 will be reviewed by NYSDOT.

  • A CCA-2 must be approved by NYSDOT before a contract can be awarded to an Apparent Low Bidder.

  • Electronic documents are posted at .

  • Electronic bid files are posted on Bid Express and at .

  • Submit a request to be placed on the Planholders List, at . Notifications of amendments and other change notices are sent by e-mail. Planholders Lists will normally be updated daily.

  • For information or questions concerning contract documents, e-mail

Withdrawal of Proposal

Contractors wanting to withdraw a bid(s) must:

  • Be present at the public bid opening

  • Have submitted the lowest proposal on a project for which bids have been announced

  • Provide written request of intent to withdraw (NYSDOT provides forms)

When this option is exercised, the proposals for the other projects in the Letting will be returned to the Bidder unopened or, if the bid was submitted electronically, the Department will delete the bid(s) and the bid(s) will not be made public.

What's New?

What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
20220602 751 - D264751 Amendment Loaded 05/26/2022
804 - D264804 Amendment Loaded 05/24/2022
797 - D264797 Amendment Loaded 05/23/2022
821 - D264821 Amendment Loaded 05/21/2022
822 - D264822 Amendment Loaded 05/21/2022
823 - D264823 Amendment Loaded 05/21/2022
751 - D264751 Amendment Loaded 05/21/2022
20220616 782 - D264782 Amendment Loaded 05/21/2022
763 - D264763 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
802 - D264802 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
805 - D264805 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
814 - D264814 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
818 - D264818 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
819 - D264819 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
825 - D264825 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
826 - D264826 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
827 - D264827 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
833 - D264833 New Proposal Added 05/17/2022
1 New Attachment - NYDBEfile.bin 05/17/2022
20220519 808 - D264808 Amendment Loaded 05/17/2022
20220602 751 - D264751 Amendment Loaded 05/16/2022
20220519 762 - D264762 Amendment Loaded 05/13/2022
795 - D264795 Amendment Loaded 05/13/2022
20220302 749 - D264749 1 New Attachment - D264749 BV Designation Web Posting.pdf 05/10/2022
20220216 699 - D264699 1 New Attachment - D264699 BV Designation Web Posting.pdf 05/09/2022
20220519 793 - D264793 Amendment Loaded 05/06/2022
20220602 756 - D264756 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
794 - D264794 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
797 - D264797 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
798 - D264798 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
804 - D264804 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
812 - D264812 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
813 - D264813 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
817 - D264817 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
821 - D264821 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
822 - D264822 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
823 - D264823 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
824 - D264824 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
20220616 782 - D264782 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
20220505 717 - D264717 Proposal Withdrawn 05/04/2022
20220310 717 - D264717 New Proposal Added 05/04/2022
20220505 717 - D264717 Proposal Postponed 05/04/2022
717 - D264717 Amendment Loaded 05/04/2022
20220519 717 - D264717 Proposal Postponed 05/04/2022
717 - D264717 Amendment Loaded 05/04/2022
(45 Activities)
What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
808 - D264808 Amendment Loaded 04/29/2022
20220505 759 - D264759 Amendment Loaded 04/28/2022
(2 Activities) More... Searching...


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