Addendum 1 File
17-009X Addendum 1.pdf

Addendum 2 File
17-009X Addendum 2.pdf

Addendum 3 File
17-009X Addendum 3.pdf

Addendum 4 File
17-009X Addendum 4.pdf

Addendum 7 File
17-009X Addendum 7.pdf

Addendum 8 File
17-009X Addendum 8 Techs Combo.pdf

Notice to Contactors
17-009X-Notice to Contractors.pdf

Wage Rate - Federal
178121400-Prevailing Wage-camden 6-27-17.pdf

Addendum 9 File
Addenda No 9.pdf

Addendum 5 File
Addenda No. 5 IFB No. 17-009X_.pdf

Addendum 6 File
Addenda No.6.pdf

Special Provisions
Avandale Special Provisions.pdf

Instructions for Bidders - Federal
EBS MFC- Instructions for Bidders 2-13-17 FINAL.pdf

General Provisions - Federal
EBS MFC-General Provisions 2-13-17 FINAL.pdf

Bidders Prequalification Document
PREQUAL FORM as of 07-01-2014 - Contracts Unit.pdf

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications - Bid Set.pdf

Proposal 17-009X

Proposal information table
Date Generated:07/05/2017Sections: 10
Date Revised: 12/14/2017 Amendments: 9
Call Order: 001 Highway Number:
Items: 43 Counties: NJTRANSIT
Project ID: 17-009X

December 14, 2017 03:24 PM EST

Addendum 9 has been issued.

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