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Welcome to New Jersey Turnpike Authority's ("NJTA") BidX Website!

This page will be home to all information related to NJTA's Construction Contract bidding.

Notice to Bidders

12/2/16 Update:

Be advised that effective January 1, 2017, the BidX fee schedule is changing: 

4/8/15 Update:

NJTA's BidX helpline is no longer in service. Call the Contracts Section at the number listed below instead.

3/11/15 Update:

Corrected CapEx link which was pointing to an old URL.

2/23/15 Updates:

As of February 20, 2015, the Advertisement pages for new contracts will be found in the front-end of the contract's Supplementary Specifications.

An "NJTA Proposal FAQ" section has been added below.

General Information

Information and forms for construction contracts, including Prequalification Procedures and Anticipated Advertisement Dates for Construction Services, can be found at NJTA's main website:

All Contractors and Sub-contractors are strongly encouraged to register their company in CapEx if they have not already done so, and to keep all information up-to-date in their vendor profile. Links to the CapEx website and instructions are located near the bottom of this page.

Prequalification & Bidder IDs

An NJTA Bidder ID is necessary for bidding with NJTA (see "Bidding" instructions below).
A BidX Basic Subscription allows you to use the Search tab at the top of the screen. If you are prequalified, click on "Bidders" and type in your company name to look up your Bidder ID.

Contractors newly-prequalified with the Authority will be notified via e-mail of their prequalification status being updated in CapEx, at which time their NJTA Bidder ID will be found in their vendor profile. Please allow up to 1 business day for the Bidder ID to appear in BidX.

NJDPMC Prequalification

Contractors prequalified with NJDPMC who are bidding with NJTA for the first time may send proof of NJDPMC prequalification to Regina D'Esposito of the NJTA Engineering Department by e-mail at or fax at (732) 750-5395. Within 3 business days, they will be notified via e-mail of their prequalification status being updated in CapEx, at which time their NJTA Bidder ID will be found in their vendor profile. Please allow up to 1 additional business day for the Bidder ID to appear in BidX.

Contractors interested in bidding are asked to keep their NJDPMC status up-to-date with NJTA. The preferred method is to use the tools provided in the Certifications tab of your CapEx vendor profile, and submit any changes. Contractors may otherwise send updated information to the e-mail address or fax number listed above.

Viewing Proposals & Subscribing to Notifications

Contractors interested in viewing NJTA's current and past proposals on BidX must subscribe to the BidX Basic Service. Instructions on subscribing to the service is available at Bid Express' FAQ page.

Contractors subscribed to the BidX Basic Service are encouraged to subscribe to all NJTA BidX notifications. See Bid Express' FAQ page on how to Manage Messages and Notifications.


Electronic Bidding Instructions:

1. Subscribe for a BidX account here.

2. Obtain a BidX Digital ID for NJTA. You will need your NJTA Bidder ID handy. Instructions may be found under "Digital IDs" on Bid Express' FAQ page.

3. Download Expedite-5.11a.

4. Follow the directions under "Internet Bidding" on Bid Express' FAQ page.

5. To verify that all information will appear correct upon submittal, go to File --> Print Preview to view the bid report.

For clarification on completing a Proposal, e-mail Regina D'Esposito at or call the NJTA BidX Helpdesk number below.

NJTA Proposal FAQ:

1. Q: Do I need to complete both the Letter of Surety and Proposal Bond form?

    A: Only one needs to be completed per 102.07 in the Standard Specifications, but completing both shall not be cause for rejection. There is an option at the top of each form that allows a user to turn the folder green without completing the form.

2. Q: On the Prequalification Recapitulation form, what date do I enter as the Qualifying Statement date if I am prequalified under NJDPMC?

    A: Enter the "Effective Date" of your NJDPMC classification(s). This shall be considered the Qualifying Statement date.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures interested in bidding with NJTA must complete the NJTA Statement of Joint Venture form located here.
A form must be submitted for each Proposal that a Joint Venture is interested in bidding on.
A completed hardcopy should be mailed to:

New Jersey Turnpike Authority
Engineering Department, Attn: Jim Dougherty
P.O. Box 5042
Woodbridge, NJ 07095-5042

Each Joint Venture requires a unique NJTA Bidder ID as well as a unique BidX Digital ID. The IDs of any of the Joint Venture's separate entities will not be acceptable for the purpose of bidding as a Joint Venture.

Joint Ventures that have previously bid with NJTA will find their NJTA Bidder ID in their Joint Venture's CapEx vendor profile.

Once the Statement of Joint Venture has been received by NJTA, an NJTA Bidder ID will be issued and the contact person will be notified via e-mail of their prequalification status being updated in CapEx, at which time their NJTA Bidder ID will be found in their Joint Venture's vendor profile.

NJTA Proposal FAQ for Joint Ventures:

1. Q: How do I complete the Bidder's Certification form?

    A: Joint Ventures should enter the name of the person who was authorized during registration of their BidX Digital ID.

2. Q: How do I complete the Disclosure Statement form?

    A: Joint Ventures should list, for each entity that makes up the Joint Venture, all persons with the as-stated interest. The "Name" field should indicate both the name of the person and the entity of which that person has interest in.

3. Q: How do I complete the Prequalfication Recapitulation form?

    A: Joint Ventures should enter, for each entity that makes up the Joint Venture, the name of the entity followed by the date of that entity's Qualifying Statement, and each entry may be separated by a comma in the single field provided.

4. Q: Do I need to select "Mark as Joint Bid" in Expedite?

    A: NJTA requests that bidders do NOT select "Mark as Joint Bid" under the Tools menu. Submitting a Proposal with or without this option selected will not have any bearing on acceptance.

5. Q: Who do I list as "PRINCIPAL" on my Letter of Surety or Proposal Bond form?

    A: Confirm with your Surety agency. This does not necessarily have to be the Joint Venture name under which you registered your Digital ID.

Planholders List

From the Contract's Proposal webpage, click on the "Plan Holders / Eligible Bidders" link under "Also Available".

The list of Plan Holders will be found under "Voluntary Plan Holders".

To add yourself as a Plan Holder, click "Add", enter your information, and follow the prompts.

Small Business Network

NJTA encourages the use of the Small Business Network, which allows Prime Contractors to solicit for quotes from Sub-Contractors on specific items in a Proposal. It also allows Sub-Contractors to post unsolicited quotes to Prime Contractors.

A BidX Basic subscription is required to access the Small Business Network. Click on the "Small Business Network" tab at the top of the BidX website.

A Quick Start Guide can be downloaded under "Also Available" once you access the Small Business Network tab.

Questions & Answers

Questions and answers for advertised contracts are to be posted on NJTA's CapEx website:

Click here to download the CapEx User Manual and Forms for Contractors

Technical issues related to CapEx should be e-mailed to

Technical issues related to Bid Express should be e-mailed to

Issues related to NJTA Bidder IDs should be e-mailed to

For assistance during normal business hours, contact the NJTA Contracts Section at (732) 750-5300 ext. 8211

What's New?

What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
18022101 447-1 - A200.447-1 Apparent Bids Updated; Letting: 18022101, Contid: A200.447-1, Bidders: NJTA01095, NJTA00734 02/21/2018
18022102 469 - P200.469 Apparent Bids Updated; Letting: 18022102, Contid: P200.469, Bidders: NJTA00052, NJTA00355, NJTA00665, NJTA00602, NJTA00113, NJTA00521, NJTA00865 02/21/2018
18030601 Letting Made Available 02/16/2018
433 - P300.433 Proposal Postponed 02/16/2018
18022101 Letting Made Available 02/15/2018
447-1 - A200.447-1 Proposal Postponed 02/15/2018
18021501 444 - T500.444 Apparent Bids Updated; Letting: 18021501, Contid: T500.444, Bidders: NJTA00986, NJTA00322, NJTA00984, NJTA01123, NJTA01038, NJTA00899, NJTA00726, NJTA01056, NJTA01124, NJTA00767 02/15/2018
18021502 471 - T500.471 Apparent Bids Updated; Letting: 18021502, Contid: T500.471, Bidders: NJTA00986, NJTA00726, NJTA00984, NJTA01038, NJTA01124, NJTA01056 02/15/2018
18022102 Letting Made Available 02/14/2018
469 - P200.469 Proposal Postponed 02/14/2018
18031302 Letting Made Available 02/12/2018
18031301 Letting Made Available 02/12/2018
457 - T200.457 60 Plan Sheets Added 02/12/2018
18021501 444 - T500.444 1 New Attachment - Drawing A-1 Turnpike Cranbury State Police Barracks.pdf 02/08/2018
444 - T500.444 Proposal Alert Updated 02/08/2018
18020701 454 - P200.454 Apparent Bids Updated; Letting: 18020701, Contid: P200.454, Bidders: NJTA00125, NJTA00602, NJTA00355, NJTA00684 02/07/2018
Letting Made Available 02/02/2018
454 - P200.454 Proposal Postponed 02/02/2018
(18 Activities)
What's New Table. What's New Table lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings
Letting Proposal Activity Activity Date
18020601 Attachment Deleted - 01/30/2018
454 - P200.454 1 New Attachment - 01/30/2018
454 - P200.454 1 New Attachment - P200.454-2-L.pdf 01/30/2018
1 New Attachment - 01/29/2018
Attachment Deleted - 01/29/2018
1 New Attachment - 01/29/2018
Attachment Deleted - P200.454_1-PS.zipSuccess! 01/29/2018
1 New Attachment - 01/29/2018
18030101 Letting Made Available 01/23/2018
433 - P300.433 706 Plan Sheets Added 01/23/2018
18012301 458 - T200.458 Apparent Bids Updated; Letting: 18012301, Contid: T200.458, Bidders: NJTA00602, NJTA00865, NJTA00065, NJTA00040, NJTA00035, NJTA00999 01/23/2018
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