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Welcome to Infotech Labs

Don’t miss out on helping shape Infotech products’ future. We’ve ditched the long white coats, but still have research and experiments for our wild and crazy hypotheses. We need you as a member of our research team! Check out potential new features and services, and provide feedback directly to our Lab monitors to tell us what you liked and what could be different. We want to hear it all!

  • Use the Feedback menu to submit your observations on these potential features.
  • The feedback gathered from our researchers will help us figure out the next step in our process.

What’s Proposal Notifications?

Stay up to date on opportunities for your business by enabling email notifications for specific proposals.

  • Receive emails for only the proposals you select, not for every agency posting.
  • Get immediate updates when there are proposal changes such as new documents, item changes, and more.
  • Included in the Bid Express basic service!


Bid Express: New Roads

Bid Express: New Roads is a series of updates aimed at creating a more personalized experience that better caters to individual needs, jobs, and responsibilities.

Over the coming months, we'll be rolling out redesigned experiences to you across the entire service. Learn more.

Don't worry, if you don't love it, you can switch back to classic Bid Express for a limited time while you get used to the new look.

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