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Letting of January 18, 2018

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Letting ID: 011818
Cut-Off Time: 09:00:59 AM MST

Proposal table
Proposal Call Order Project ID Items Amendments Counties
(5 Active Proposals)
05118 201 STPIP 48-1(31)2 141 2 Big Horn
Grade, grvl., PMS, drainage, irrig. structures, guardrail, signing & pvmt. mkgs. on the Hardin - North (North Section) project in Big Horn County. The project begins north of the junction of MT 47/P-48 and I-90 at RP 2.4 and proceeds north on MT 47/P-...
06118 202 NHIP 1-4(29)300 105 1 Liberty Toole
Grading, gravel, plant mix surfacing, seal & cover, culverts, guardrail, pavement markings, signing, deck and rail repair and a 3-span 156' pre-stressed structure on the Galata - East and West project in Toole and Liberty counties. The project is loca...
06A17 203 HSIP-G 52-2(51)50 85 1 Flathead
Minor alignment to include grade, gravel, PMS, new signal, advanced warning flasher, sidewalk, C&G, signing and electrical on the SF 139 - Helena Flats Intersection project in Flathead County. The project begins at RP 50.0 on MT-35/P-52 and extends ea...
02118 204 HSIP 48(47) 41 0 Stillwater
Roadside safety improvements on the SF 139 - Shane Creek Road Safety project in Stillwater County. The improvements are on local road, Shane Creek Road, 2.8 miles south of the Columbus city limits and include centerline striping from RP 18.65 to RP 21...
01118 205 STPS-MT 494-1(5)1 26 0 Fallon
Slide repair and stabilization work on theSlide Repair- South of Plevna project in Fallon County. The project is located on State Secondary 494 approximately 1.2 miles south of Plevna beginning at RP 1.2 and extending to RP 1.3. Work will include chan...