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Letting of December 16, 2022

Letting information table
Letting ID: 221216
Cut-Off Time: 11:00:59 AM CDT

Proposal table
Proposal Call Order Project ID Items Amendments Counties
(33 Active Proposals)
221216-A01 A01 I 229-2(136) 64 1 BUCHANAN
****(1): Job J1I3386 Route I-229 BUCHANAN County. Bridge rehabilitation over 6th Street and Atchison Street 0.5 mile south of Rte. 36 in St. Joseph, the total length of improvement being 0.299 miles.
221216-A03 A03 FAS-S102(039) 45 2 CLINTON
****(1): Job J1S3211 Route NN CLINTON County. Bridge replacement and pavement improvements over Castile Creek 0.9 mile east of Route K near Stewartsville, the total length of improvement being 0.215 miles.
****(1): Job JNW0097 Route I-35, I-29, I-229 ANDREW, ATCHISON, BUCHANAN, CALDWELL, CLINTON, DAVIESS, HARRISON, HOLT County. Fixed price variable scope pavement marking major routes in Harrison, Holt, Andrew, Buchanan, Daviess, Clinton, Atchison and Ca...
221216-B01 B01 FAF 136-2(37), FAS-15-2(24) 89 0 SCHUYLER SCOTLAND
****(1): Job J2P3197 Route 136 SCHUYLER County. Bridge replacement over North Fork Middle Fabius River 1.1 miles east of Route C near Lancaster, the total length of improvement being 0.1042 miles.****(2): Job J2P3249 Route 15 SCOTLAND County. Bridge r...
221216-B02 B02 FAF-61-4(184) 37 0 PIKE RALLS
****(1): Job J2P3243 Route 61 PIKE, RALLS County. Resurface from 0.5 Mile South of Route 19 in Ralls County to 0.5 Mile South of Route UU near Bowling Green (3 disconnected sections), the total length of improvement being 11.878 miles.
221216-B03 B03 FAF-19-4(20),(21) 95 0 AUDRAIN RALLS
****(1): Job J2P3278 Route 19 AUDRAIN, RALLS County. Resurface from 0.2 Mile East of Route 61 to Route J in Audrain County, the total length of improvement being 26.567 miles.****(2): Job J2P3446 Route 19 RALLS County. Intersection improvement between...
221216-B04 B04 FAS-S202(37),(44),(095), 74 1 MONTGOMERY PIKE
****(1): Job J2S3215 Route 161 PIKE County. Resurface from Business 61 to Route M near Middletown, the total length of improvement being 17.173 miles.****(2): Job J2S3378 Route NN PIKE County. Resurface from Route 54 to Route 61 near Bowling Green, th...
221216-B06 B06 I-70-3(297) 8 0 CLARK LEWIS LINCOLN MACON
****(1): Job JNE0169 Route VARIOUS CLARK, LEWIS, LINCOLN, MACON, MARION, MONTGOMERY, PIKE, RALLS, RANDOLPH, SHELBY, WARREN County. Pavement marking in Clark, Lewis, Lincoln, Macon, Marion, Montgomery, Pike, Ralls, Randolph, Shelby, and Warren Counties...
221216-C01 C01 FAS-S303(035) 47 0 LAFAYETTE
****(1): Job J3S3121 Route AA LAFAYETTE County. Bridge replacement over Johnson Creek near Higginsville, the total length of improvement being 0.02 miles.
221216-C02 C02 I-70-1(214) 136 1 JACKSON
****(1): Job J4I3288 Route I-70 JACKSON County. Bridge replacement at Route AA and Route BB, 4 miles east of Route 7 in Grain Valley, the total length of improvement being 0.472 miles.
221216-C03 C03 I-670-1(159) 56 0 JACKSON
****(1): Job J4I3486 Route I-670 JACKSON County. Bridge rehabilitation on ramp from Wyoming Street to I-670 eastbound, the total length of improvement being 0.396 miles.
221216-C04 C04 FAS-S303(047) 33 1 LAFAYETTE
****(1): Job J4S3394 Route I-70 OR LAFAYETTE County. Resurface from the Jackson Co. line to the Saline Co. line, the total length of improvement being 30.415 miles.
221216-C05 C05 I-70-2(125) 16 0 LAFAYETTE SALINE
****(1): Job JKR0234 Route I-70 LAFAYETTE, SALINE County. Pavement marking from the Jackson County line to the Cooper County line, the total length of improvement being 58.358 miles.
221216-C06 C06 FAF-7-1(50) 45 2 CASS
****(1): Job JKU0007 Route 7 CASS County. Resurface from east of I-49 to Route B, the total length of improvement being 18.21 miles.
221216-D01 D01 FAS-S402(071) 45 0 MORGAN
****(1): Job J5S3440 Route DD MORGAN County. Bridge deck replacement 1.9 miles west of Route 135 over Haw Creek, near Florence, the total length of improvement being 0.258 miles.
221216-D02 D02 FAS-S402(077) 64 0 BOONE
****(1): Job J5S3447 Route F, 124 BOONE County. Bridge redeck, bridge replacement and bridge rehabilitation 3.26 miles South of Route T, 2.19 miles North of Route 124, 1.09 miles North of Route 124, and 0.47 mile West of Route 63, the total length of ...
221216-D03 D03 FAS-S402(086) 40 1 DENT PHELPS
****(1): Job J5S3468 Route O DENT, PHELPS County. Resurface and add shoulders from Route 72 to end of state maintenance, the total length of improvement being 18.887 miles.
221216-D04 D04 FAS-S402(096) 56 0 PULASKI
****(1): Job J5S3510 Route Y PULASKI County. Bridge rehabilitation over I-44 in Pulaski County, the total length of improvement being 0.1 miles.
221216-D05 D05 I-44-2(342),I-70-3(298)... 56 0 BOONE CALLAWAY CAMDEN COLE
****(1): Job JCD0079 Route I-44 CRAWFORD, LACLEDE, PHELPS, PULASKI County. Pavement marking in Pulaski, Phelps, Laclede and Crawford Counties, the total length of improvement being 223.848 miles.****(2): Job JCD0083 Route I-70 BOONE, CALLAWAY, COOPER ...
221216-F02 F02 I-70-5(350) 56 0 ST CHARLES ST LOUIS ST LOUIS CITY
****(1): Job J6I3463 Route I-70 ST CHARLES, ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS CITY County. Structural sign replacement from Warren County line to Illinois state line, the total length of improvement being 46.4 miles.
221216-F03 F03 I-64-1(101) 123 1 ST LOUIS ST LOUIS CITY
****(1): Job J6I3576 Route Various ST LOUIS, ST LOUIS CITY County. Signal replacements, lighting, ITS and ADA improvements at various intersections at various locations in St Louis County and St Louis City, the total length of improvement being 0.431 ...
221216-F04 F04 FAS-S503(23) 5 0 ST LOUIS
****(1): Job J6I3659 Route I-64, I-270 ST LOUIS County. Pavement marker installation from Route D to I-55, from Route 67 to I-70, the total length of improvement being 28.154 miles.
221216-F05 F05 I-170-5(279) 16 0 ST LOUIS
****(1): Job JSL0113 Route I-170 ST LOUIS County. Pavement marking from I-270 to I-64, the total length of improvement being 10.481 miles.
221216-F06 F06 FAF 367-1(18) 69 0 ST LOUIS CITY
****(1): Job J6S3279 Route 367 ST LOUIS CITY County. Resurface Route 367 from I-70 to Halls Ferry Circle, the total length of improvement being 2.07 miles.
221216-G01 G01 FAF-13-3(85) 87 0 HENRY
****(1): Job J7P3465 Route 7 HENRY County. Intersection improvement and resurface at Routes 7 and 13 north and Routes 7, 13 and 18 south in Clinton, the total length of improvement being 0.458 miles.
221216-G03 G03 FAS-S604(025) 35 0 ST CLAIR
****(1): Job J7S3475 Route V ST CLAIR County. Bridge rehabilitation over Coon Creek 4.7 miles north of Rte. 54, the total length of improvement being 0.374 miles.
221216-G04 G04 FAF 71-1(78), 91 1 MCDONALD
****(1): Job J7P3260 Route 71 MCDONALD County. Resurface, grading and pavement from Goodin Hollow Rd. to Arkansas state line, the total length of improvement being 17.51 miles.****(2): Job J7S3443 Route OO MCDONALD County. Resurface from Rte. 71 in Mc...
221216-G05 G05 FAS-S604(032) 24 0 CHRISTIAN GREENE
****(1): Job J8I3243 Route Various CHRISTIAN, GREENE County. Signing improvements at various locations in Nixa and Springfield, the total length of improvement being 77.03 miles.
221216-G08 G08 I-44-1(115), (116), I-49-2(... 31 0 BATES GREENE JASPER LAWRENCE
****(1): Job JSR0150 Route I-44/ I-49 GREENE, JASPER, LAWRENCE, MCDONALD, NEWTON County. Pavement marking from1 mile east of Prigmor Avenue in Joplin to Rte. 360 in Greene County and from 2 miles east of Rte. 125 to 3 miles east of Sampson Road in Web...
221216-H01 H01 FAF 5-1(26), FAS-S703(095) 61 2 OZARK
****(1): Job J9P3599 Route 5, T OZARK County. Resurface on Route 5 from Route 160 to Arkansas State line and on Route T from 0.1 miles east of county road 527 to 0.1 miles west of county road 512 near Gainesville, the total length of improvement being...
221216-H02 H02 FAF-60-3(120), FAF-63-1(39) 94 2 HOWELL OREGON TEXAS
****(1): Job J9P3615 Route 60 HOWELL, TEXAS County. Resurface from 0.1 mile west of Route 63 south to 0.2 mile east of Route 63 north, the total length of improvement being 12.207 miles.****(2): Job J9P3617 Route 63 HOWELL, OREGON County. Resurface fr...
221216-H03 H03 FAF-60-3(123) 7 0 BUTLER CARTER HOWELL MADISON
****(1): Job JSE0161 Route 60 63 67 BUTLER, CARTER, HOWELL, MADISON, NEW MADRID, SCOTT, SHANNON, ST FRANCOIS, STODDARD, TEXAS, WAYNE, WRIGHT County. Pavement marking on Rte. 60 from Webster County line to I-55, on Rte. 67 from Jefferson County line to...
221216-H04 H04 JSEM0023 32 1 PERRY
****(1): Job JSEM0023 Route 61 PERRY County. Pavement improvements 0.1 mile south of south intersection with RT M, the total length of improvement being 0.014 miles.


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