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Bid Summary for Letting of January 27, 2023

Letting Information
Letting ID: 23012700
Cut-Off Time: 09:30:59 AM
Bid Summary Data
Proposal Counties Bidder Name Bid Amount
001 - 230001 ANOKA PCiRoads, LLC $2,379,905.84
Valley Paving, Inc. $2,387,387.00
Lunda Construction Company $2,394,231.37
New Look Contracting, Inc. $2,676,256.75
Zenith Tech, Inc. $2,817,162.39
004 - 230004 KANDIYOHI Landwehr Construction, Inc. $922,030.03
Duininck, Inc. $1,261,639.51
Central Specialties, Inc. $1,469,111.96
009 - 230009 MARTIN PCiRoads, LLC $239,616.95
Redstone Construction, LLC $266,402.25
Global Specialty Contractors, Inc. $275,869.00
011 - 230011 BELTRAMI CASS CLEARWATER HUBBARD Design Electric, Inc. $357,577.88
Strata Corporation $423,200.00
012 - 230012 BECKER CLAY DOUGLAS GRANT H & R Const. Co. $229,224.96
Dakota Fence Company $244,588.31
Global Specialty Contractors, Inc. $416,345.88
018 - 230018 DOUGLAS Michels Road & Stone, Inc. $7,429,300.60
Central Specialties, Inc. $7,784,851.63
Duininck, Inc. $8,256,435.58
Mark Sand & Gravel Co. $8,676,388.98
019 - 230019 OLMSTED Rochester Sand and Gravel, a Division of Mathy Construction $1,316,344.29
The Mathiowetz Construction Co. $1,338,370.32
Midwest Contracting, LLC $1,696,157.04
Heselton Construction, LLC $1,954,439.85
Elcor Construction, Inc. $2,095,551.74
020 - 230020 STEELE Ulland Brothers, Inc. $4,393,661.33
Crane Creek Asphalt, a Division of Mathy Construction Compan $4,678,492.64
024 - 230024 COOK Redstone Construction, LLC $6,497,624.25
Northland Constructors of Duluth, Inc. $7,596,654.00
028 - 230028 OLMSTED Icon Constructors, LLC $6,382,521.82
Lunda Construction Company $7,341,061.23
Zenith Tech, Inc. $8,037,050.33
Redstone Construction, LLC $8,600,125.58
029 - 230029 VARIOUS Fahrner Asphalt Sealers, L.L.C. $3,862,336.04
Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation $4,070,073.07
035 - 230035 DOUGLAS OTTER TAIL Global Specialty Contractors, Inc. $618,003.50
H & R Const. Co. $624,441.25
PCiRoads, LLC $790,900.75
Hoffman & McNamara Company $873,768.60
117 - 220117 KANDIYOHI The Mathiowetz Construction Co. $34,469,124.77
KGM Contractors, Inc. $34,977,856.65
Duininck, Inc. $36,843,158.68
Hoffman Construction Company $49,235,032.55
(13 Proposals)


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